Early Assessment

ReSkin Medical works with dedicated
providers who possess a passion
for healing patients. Whether in a
clinic, a facility, or even in the home
our providers will perform an expert
assessment as early as possible in order
to plan and intervene appropriately.
This early assessment is critical to
creating a comprehensive plan which
engages the entire health care team in
a single well integrated process.


ReSkin Medical providers are
experienced and passionate about
what they do. Our providers use the
latest technology and procedures
available. We use amnion and chorion
products for skin grafting, the latest
infrared tools for ensuring adequate
blood supply, molecular testing for
infection as frequently as necessary.
In order to make the most from
ReSkin’s cutting edge wound
care procedures and technology,
ReSkin providers remain in constant
communication with the entire
healthcare team. Primary care
providers, home health companies,
vascular specialists and Hospital Based
Wound clinics are invaluable partners
in addressing and healing these
chronic and complex problems.


A comprehensive care plan includes an
approach which provides the greatest
probability of success by addressing the
underlying causes as well as the chronic
condition and complex healing process.
ReSkin providers are constantly probing
for opportunities and weaknesses within
the healing process to improve the rate
and quality of healing.